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FJoey Scrima is a world class drummer who has been playing the drums since he was 7 years old. By age 9, he was performing with a big band along with Sarah Vaughn at the Newport Jazz Festival. Joey went on to study with some of the greatest drum teachers including Alan Dawson, Chuck Brown, Keith Copeland, Vic Firth, Freddie Gruber, Joe Porcaro, Gary Chaffee, Gene Okamoto, & Bob Fiorenza. Turning pro at an early age of 14, Joey at 18 moved to San Francisco and in a 4-month period performed with Santana and members of Malo before beginning his next stage in the Los Angeles session player music scene. 

Currently, Joey performs regularly across the country with his own project the Joey Scrima Trio as well as with other bands. During his career, he has toured throughout Europe, Japan, London, Paris, Stockholm, the Caribbean, and the United States. 

His recorded performances have been featured in commercials and movie soundtracks including the blockbuster movie, “E.T.”, all the “Back to the Beach” movies, and “the Story of Mae West”. Joey played most of the soundtracks from the TV series “Magnum PI” with Tom Selleck, various “Disney” movies, and most Stephen Cannell productions (e.g. “The A Team”, “Rockford Files”, “Magnum P.I.).  He also played on the #10 hit per Billboard-in the US in 1982, “Far From Over”, sung by Frank Stallone. 

Signed to a record deal on their first live LA gig with Michael Thompson and Charles Button, Joey recorded his first major rock album “Tattoo” with ELO’s Jeff Lynne producing in London, England.  Joey has toured/played with Rick Derringer, Connie Stevens, Don Felder, Bob Hope, Larry Graham, Frank Sinatra Jr., Frank Stallone, Bennie Maupin from Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters, Artie Shaw Orchestra w Dick Johnson, David Benoit, Ross and Gino Vanelli, Suzanne Summers, Bobby Randall from “Sawyer Brown”-Nashville, Troy Hanna & members of the Willie Nelson Band, Les Dudek, Rocket Richotte, Jerry Vale, Jack Jones, Mickey Dolenz  -the Monkees, Livingston Taylor, Brad Delp, Michael Thompson, Sal Baglio - the Stompers, Johnny A, Tony Lynn Washington, Tracy Crown, Kris Pappas, Jacque Chambers, Kimberley Dahme, Mark Farner, Dan Lawson,  John Troy, David Brown, David Buda, and most recently played all the drums on 6 CD’s and 2 Live DVD’s at Bose with the “Thaddeus Hogarth Band”, as well as the drums in Thaddeus Hogarth’s new book, Funk/R&B Guitar: Creative Solos, Grooves & Sounds [With CD] ; on Berklee Press.  

The latest CD – “Tribute” – is dedicated to the music of Jimi Hendrix. Joey performed as one of the house drummers in Las Vegas at 7 consecutive Labor Day Jerry Lewis telethons.  Joey also locally runs his own big band dedicated to the music of Frank Sinatra-”The Ratpack”, featuring Robert Gennari as Frank.  Currently, Joey performs with his own power trio – “The Joey Scrima Band, Power Trio” –with Alex Ivanov on guitar & Malcolm Stuckey on bass; at various venues, independent drum stores in a drum clinic format; Colleges and schools up and down the East Coast. Joey has his own production company, “Stickintoit” Productions, where he has issued a DVD/video with over 30k views, which can be seen on you tube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qb7_xPvg2Co. Search for Joey Scrima on YouTube and find over   30 different videos of Joey’s playing. 

In the past 5 years, Joey Scrima began producing, DRUM FEST “A Night of Soloing Drummers”  in some large fine Boston venues. DRUM FEST is a unique talent laden show, where Joey combines the Gong Show with “American Idol” for drummers. The format includes 3 Independent celebrity Artists/judges, made up of newscasters, Singers, local celebrities, and a Comedian who opens the show. Over 25-30 soloing drummers solo on Joey’s 2 touring drum kits set up on stage, front and center.  Joey’s band performs with the gust celebrity singers.  

Joey has authored a unique drum instruction book – “Stickintoit” - coming this Spring 2019, featuring the most in depth teaching method of the “Push Pull” technique along with a methodical study of the “Moeller” technique, “German Grip”, and “French Grip”. A detailed discussion of proper posture and the physics of drumming, designed to make every drummer injury free, is included,  always taking advantage of the laws of physics.   Special chapters include the why and when of John Bonham, Buddy Rich/Gene Krupa, Tony Williams, Jeff Porcaro, Stewart Copeland. 

Joey has taught on the staff at Berklee College of Music, and has appeared at the Berklee Percussion Festival 5 years in a row, held every year in June in Boston.  Joey has been written up in DRUM magazine, and featured in the “New Blood- “up and coming” category of drummers, written by “Waldo the Squid”.

Currently living in the Nashville area, Joey plays recording sessions in the Nashville studios for a range of country artists. Joey also performs with his own projects and other bands, and tours nationally. Joey endorses Gretsch Drums, Paiste “Modern Essential” Cymbals, Tama Speed Cobra pedals, and Vic Firth Sticks.



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